The Keep 'er Lit Box

The last few months have been tough going for everyone due to Covid-19. We have created our newest box, by combining our best-selling items sold during lockdown. We're so proud of how Ireland has rallied during this time so we wanted to release something to encourage folks to keep the head up, keep moving ahead and essentially in the most Irish way of all, to ‘Keep ‘er Lit’. You can tailor the box for whoever you are sending it to and ensure all their favourite items are included, making it more personal to them.

For orders of 5+ Boxes or Corporate orders please contact


Your Choice of Crisps
Your Choice of Drink
Your Choice of Tea
Cadbury Wispa 4 pack
Cadbury Fingers
Old School Sweets
Bisto Gravy
McDonnells Spice Bag Mix & McDonnells Curry sauce
McCambridges Soda Bread Mix
Lyons Toffypops