What is The Paddy Box?

The Paddy Box is a born and bred Irish product that contains iconic, nostalgic, traditional and cultural Irish foods, sweets and gifts that people abroad love and miss. It can be sent anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Each Paddy Box contains 10 items, we have choices of pre-made or custom made boxes. So, whether it's Tayto crisps, Cadburys chocolates, Ballymaloe Relish, Jacobs biscuits or those old school sweets from your childhood we've got it all covered.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver worldwide with our shipping partners DHL and An Post. We've sent Paddy Boxes to some pretty far flung places so wherever you'd like to send a Box of Grá to, we'll get it there for you. See our Terms & Conditions section for all our shipping information.

How much does shipping cost?

Our premium shipping partner is DHL, this is an express shipping service with extensive tracking facilities. Our standard shipping partner is An Post, this is a standard shipping service with limited tracking services. To calculate shipping, select an item from the shop you would like to send, add the item to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. At checkout, input the address you would like to send the box to and pricing for standard and premium shipping will appear. You be able to view the shipping cost and total cost of the item plus shipping.

How do I order a Paddy Box?

You’re in the right place by being on our website! Head to the top of our website page and click “Shop’ to see our range of boxes. Here you will see a range of pre-made, themed boxes and our custom box at the bottom of the page. You can click the box name to see a list of product options contained or if you’re ready to order quickly, click ‘Buy Now’ and the item will go directly into your shopping basket.

- When you’re ready to buy, click on the shopping basket and it will pop up for you.
- Below the word “Checkout” you will see “Shipping shown for”. Click “Change” to set the location to the destination you’d like to send your Paddy Box.
- You will then be asked to include the Country, State and Postcode (if you don’t have one leave this area blank).
- When you’re done, 2 delivery options will appear below; The Premium DHL deliver or Standard An Post deliver (price will also be included).
- You will then be brought back to the shopping basket, click “Checkout”.
- Enter the full name and delivery address for the recipient of the box (please include a phone number if possible) and if you do not have a “postcode” please leave that area blank
- Choose your delivery method and click “Continue”
- Enter your email address so we can send you a receipt and an update when the box has been shipped. Remember to write a personal note for the person you’re sending the Paddy Box toEnter YOUR billing address. Please enter your full name and address in this section. For Ireland, please leave the “Zip/Postal code” area blank.
- Click “Continue”
- enter your credit card details that match your billing address and then you’re done.
- We’ll email you to confirm the order and then again when it is shipped.

How do I make a Custom Paddy Box?

Simply click on the “Custom Box” in our online shop and you'll be shown an extensive list of items you can choose. Due to size and weight restrictions there are some limitations to choices. You can choose one type crisps, you may include as many “Tea Time” products as you wish, 1 “Heavy” product and up to 3 “Gift Items”. You must choose 10 items in order to complete the order, you can add a personal note too.

Can I put my own products in the Custom Box?

Unfortunately not. As much as we'd like to send personal items to loved ones abroad, this is not possible for us to do based on shipping regulations and logistical reasons.

I'm having trouble ordering, can someone give me a hand?

If you're having any issues ordering on the website, contact us any time on hi@thepaddybox.com and we'd be delighted to assist you.

I just ordered a Paddy Box, what happens next?

Great, thanks a mill for your order. Check your email, you should have an order confirmation within the next hour. We aim to have boxes, ordered on business days, dispatched within 24 hours. Once your box has been dispatched you will get an email confirming

What delivery company will deliver my order?

Our premium shipping partner is DHL, this is an express shipping service with extensive tracking facilities. Our standard shipping partner is An Post, this is a standard shipping service with limited tracking services. If you choose to ship your order through DHL, you will receive an email from DHL detailing the tracking number as soon as the order is dispatched. If you choose to ship via An Post, we will update your order and let you know when your box has been dispatched. We will include a tracking number so you can track the box until it gets to the recipient. To note, orders shipped via An Post have a limited tracking service once the package leaves Ireland.

What if the recipient is not there when the delivery arrives?

Our delivery partners will make every effort to get every package to the specified destination safely and on time. If the recipient is not at the address when the package arrives, the courier will leave a note and may try again within the next 2-3 days. If delivery attempts have been unsuccessful, notification will be left at the residence and it will then be up to the recipient to contact the delivery company to arrange collection or re-delivery. For full information on this topic please see our Terms and conditions page

I see an issue with my package on the courier tracking website, what do I do?

If you see an issue with your delivery such as customs issues, an incorrect/insufficient address or that the recipient cannot be reached. Please contact us immediately and we will investigate and liaise with the delivery partner to help solve the issue quickly.